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Testimonials of Past Participants and Parents (page 1)
"Mountains and Strings is the best ever! I have been to so many violin camps and this is my favorite by far. Everyone gets along so well and everyone is included. You can be friends with everybody, even the teachers (trust me at some strings camps its very hard) but i just love that place. Its so cool to get out into nature and play violin at the same time. This will be my fourth year going and I am so excited! I wish I would have found out about it sooner. We get to be in quartets and orchestra and fiddle and eat really good food! There are so many memories I have made there and I will never forget it. I tell so many people that this is the camp to go to. It is awesome and I love it. If you want to go to a strings camp go to Mountains and Strings. It's worth it."
Megan Arnold
Idaho Falls, Idaho

"Mountains and Strings has become something I look forward to every year. Not only is it an awesome music camp, but it is also an opportunity to grow socially, spiritually, and mentally. I have always gone home from Mountains and Strings with new thoughts and ideas on how I can be a better person and productive citizen. Mountains and Strings has made me a better person and I will forever enjoy the memories I have gained there."
Zac Hansen
Snake River, Idaho

"I have loved Mountains and Strings every year that I have gone. I wish more students could have the opportunity to be among such great young people and to so intimately experience the great outdoors. One of the most powerful experiences I had was listening to Eric Grossman perform as I gazed over the incredible view. It did something for me. It changed my life."
Allison Bigelow
Pleasant, Grove Utah

"I really enjoyed my experience at mountains and strings music camp. It is wonderful to be able to have the privilege to study with such accomplished musicians."
Steven Brynn
Old Greenwich, Connecticut

"What I loved most about Mountain and Strings was the feeling of fellowship there. Everyone was nice to everyone, no matter the age or experience. I've never felt that at any other camp I've gone to. I have made lasting friendships with people and I've stayed in contact with them ever since."
Caitlyn Powell
Rexburg, Idaho
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