Mini Camp - July 8 - 11 2020
Teen Camp - July 13 - 18 2020
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Need Financial Aid? How about the 'Refer a Friend' Program:
The two main purposes of the 'Refer a Friend' tuition discount are first, to invite students that have not previously attended Mountains and Strings, and second, to help you with your tuition since scholarship funds are limited. Here are some guidelines on how to earn the tuition discount.  Keep in mind this program applies only to Mountains & Strings, not Mini Mountains & Strings.
  • You earn a $50 tuition discount for each new student whose name you refer to us that ends up attending Mountains & Strings.  Just cough up the names of your friends or enemies, and we'll invite them. Hypothetically speaking, you could pay your entire tuition if you gave us enough names and phone numbers. Unfortunately, we can't discount your tuition more than the actual cost of camp. (Come on cheapskate get a summer job already, and make sure you can get the week of the retreat off.)  Referrals must end up registering for the camp before the referral discount will be applied to your tuition.  If you've already paid your tuition, we'll write you a check.  Referrals don't count for students or siblings of students that have already attended Mountains & Strings or whose parents have already been in previous contact with the camp directors.  Remember, we are seeking new recruits, and if we've already been recruiting these people, you will not get the discount.
  • To earn $100.00 per recruit, you must contact the students, put the schmooz on them and their parents and finally get them to apply to the music camp. You must then email their information to us. We will then hold this information until they register, are accepted, and actually pay their tuition at which time we will apply the discount toward your tuition.  Obviously there is more work for you this way, hence the bigger referral discount.
    Sometimes we will have earlier sign up tuition prices.  Make sure you give your recruits the current price for the time period in which you are talking to them, and also make sure to mention the deadline for that price.  We try to reward those who make it easier for us by signing up early.  If you're not sure what to tell them give us a call and we'll walk you through it.
  • Here is a downloadable brochure  that you can print and give to your friends and enemies. Probably the best resource we have to encourage students to attend is the website Don't forget to have them watch the videos, look at the pictures, and read the testimonials.
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