Mini Camp - July 8 - 11 2020
Teen Camp - July 13 - 18 2020
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Teen Camp Admission:

  • Applicants should be at least 13 years of age or close to be considered for admission to the retreat.Some exceptions may apply. Ask us for details.
  • All applicants must provide an audition recording and an application postmarked, hand delivered, or emailed by the dates listed below.  You may email the data from the application form directly to us.
  • Recordings may be submitted via Facebook, Compact Disc, DVD, Email (Wave Files, MP3s etc.), or by sending a link to a Youtube video or other online video post.
  • The audition should consist of a three-octave scale and two short contrasting excerpts.



  • Students are housed in the Ranch Bunk House & Yurts at Harriman State Park.  Each room contains a set of bunk beds and a small space for clothes and instruments.
  • Meals are served in the Scovell Center dining area, and are carefully selected and prepared in plentiful quantities to nourish and satisfy the participants and their voracious appetites. 
  • Participants with special dietary needs are responsible for notifying the retreat staff upon admission.


Tuition (includes housing & meals):       See Pricing Below

  • Tuition is based on the deadlines and qualifications met below.  It does not cover optional private lessons with faculty members.  Each faculty member charges his or her own fee for private lessons.
  • Tuition is non-refundable.
  • Tuition must be paid in full before participants will receive their music and information packet.
Payment Deadlines and Pricing:

Apply and Pay tuition in full by:
  • April 30, 2020 - $695.00
  • May 31, 2209 - $750.00
 After May 31, the tuition will go up to $800.00.

 Click to view or print out an application.  You can fill it out and mail it or simply email the requested information to us. 



For more information contact:

KaraLyn Ferguson at   (208)317-7291


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